Clockwork Depths

Immerse yourself in undersea steampunk adventure with the Clockwork Depths roleplaying game! Grab your goggles and rebreather and explore the dangers of the depths. Whether you see your character as a privateer captaining a submersible, a steamtech entrepreneur, or shaping the future of your dometown as its governor, there is something for everyone below the waves!The Clockwork Depths core rulebook includes:An in-depth introduction to the alternate world of Clockwork Depths.Descriptions of the nine playable Sea Species that call this world home, including the Merrow merpeople, the clockwork Mechis, and Undyne sea witches and wizards.Step by step instructions for creating your own character and playing in a Clockwork Depths game. The Clockwork Depths system works for both table-top and live-action roleplaying games and can be run by new or experienced gamers.All the gory details of antagonists like the vicious Asylum raiders, blood-thirsty tritons, and the fearsome kraken!Book a ticket on the nearest submersible and join the underwater steampunk action today!