The Pentamorous Key

One woman of immeasurable power. Four men with insatiable desires. Five hearts joined by everlasting magick...The power that flows through me brought me to this place. It led me to them—four men who say they’ve waited an eternity to possess me. When we touch lust overwhelms me, and my magick glitches. Why? The darkest mystery of my past might just be the key to my future.Crescent Cove is my second chance. A quaint little seaside town, with cute shops, great coffee, and weather that’s always perfect. My new job pays well, and the new house is adorable. From the looks of the hotties I see around town, I won’t have any trouble finding a new bang buddy either.Now if I could just keep my magick under control. The blue sparks are the power that’s crackled in my veins for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had some control over it. But not since meeting the Covingtons.Crazy hot and totally mysterious; Jace, Bastian, Dorian and Ethan are the ones who run this town.  After a centuries-long search, the guys believe my powers are a sign that they've found their mate. They say it's the Pentamorous bond; an ancient spell that joins five souls for eternity. If I accept this fate, we'll live happily ever after.Problem is, I don't believe in fairy tales.Note: The Pentamorous Key trilogy is a completed Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance trilogy. Fast burn, #whychoose, and extra steamy.