Establishing The New America Of Independent Hoa Principalities

From the Author:During the past eight years I was actively involved as an advocate for homeowners living in planned communities - HOAs or condos - in an attempt to clarify history and to inform the public, the media, the various state legislatures, and anyone who would listen. My involvement has been primarily in two areas: constitutional reforms, and justice for homeowners living in these authoritarian regimes "sanctioned" by their state legislatures. Materials and incidents reflecting the fact that homebuyers are not told the whole truth about the loss of their rights and protections are provided in support of my arguments. All usually goes fairly well until the homeowner disagrees with the board, or offends the "powers that be", whereupon he quickly discovers that he has very, very little legal protections. This could be within months, within a year or after 5 - 10 years. Your government considers it to be a private contractual matter - just between the parties without any affect on the interests of the public in general, or on public policy. The chapters and topics need not be read in sequence. The reader is free to follow his own interests and concerns. The Commentaries are documented and supported by materials from case law, legal authorities and the writings and statements of the parties involved.