Sammy The Snake

Sammy and the Snake thought of changing his dish after missing his chance to snag Freddie the Fish. So he sharpened his skills as he swam towards a log and focused his eyes on Phillip the Frog. It didn't go well for Sammy the Snake once Gary the Gator appeared in the lake. Gary looked mad and he was so big that he made Sammy feel about the size of a twig. Then Terry the Turtle warned Phillip the Frog that Sammy the Snake had climbed on the log. So Sammy went home for something to eat and then gave his advice on avoiding defeat. In this fourth book to the Rescue Ranch Series, Sammy is reminded how important it is to have a plan and to use all of his skills. He learns that he can't bully everyone in the lake and how important it is to keep his eyes open when he's hunting for food or he may end up being hunted himself.