At The Bottom Of My Garden

" at the bottom of my garden " is a photographic record of the birdlife and other creatures that frequent the patch of land that surrounds my house. Trees and shrubbery provide a home for a variety of native birds. Their habits and lifestyle have been captured on camera to demonstrate the beauty and intricacies of these spectacular and fascinating feathered creatures. Many enjoyable hours were spent observing these delightful birds and immortalising the memories in print. Trees and shrubs have been planted as a shelter from seasonal winds and storms, allowing a garden to grow. Using a variety of beautiful native bottle-brushes (callistemons) and grevillea and many other flowering shrubs such as hibiscus, azalea, camellia, gardenia, canna lilies and plumbago, a mini eco system has developed into a marvellous habitat for wild birds native to the region.