The Ego Continuum

The pure, unvarnished truth: sometimes the people we work with demonstrate shitty behaviours—this doesn’t mean they’re shitty people!In the workplace, there are managers who have shitty leadership moments which impact our employees’ personal and business experiences. By developing your own leadership brand, true self-awareness and the art of bespoke feedback delivery, The Ego Continuum is the blueprint to unshittify your leadership skills once and for all. Written to help new leaders learn and existing leaders develop, this book provides readers with the answers.In The Ego Continuum, you will learn:The significance of The Ego-ContinuumWhy your staff quit (but some still work for you)How to recognise your own shitty leadership behaviours The F-word, and what it really meansHow to build your leadership brand and bespoke feedback deliveryStaff quit, the team is unengaged, and it’s difficult to keep everyone on track—this is evidence of shitty leadership.But the question is: Are you yourself, a shitty leader?Inside The Ego Continuum, Robinson explores the delicate subject of "shitty leadership", unpacking both spectrums of the scale—from narcissism to insecurity. You will learn to recognise your own personal leadership brand and understand how the shadows you cast impact your staff and ultimately, your entire corporate culture.The Ego Continuum gets real, it will punch you in the face with a dose of reality and you will have no choice but to become a great leader—once you read what Mark has to say, you can’t unlearn it.Let the revolution begin.