Anger Management

Uncover the secret to identifying your emotional responses and controlling your anger with this definitive guide to overcoming explosive angerDo you often experience bouts of explosive anger? Is your anger costing you peace of mind, valuable friendships and intimate relationships with your loved ones? Are your frequent episodes of rage threatening your jobs and your professional career?Would you like to finally say goodbye to frequent bouts of rage and finally learn how to keep your anger under control?If yes, then keep reading...In this guide, Ryan Kent helps you understand the underlying cause of your quick temper and equips you with the skills you need to effectively manage your anger without suppressing it.Among the insight contained in Anger Management, you're going to discover:How to understand the vicious cycle of anger: What causes anger and how to identify and break the triggersThe 5 signs that you, a loved one or someone you know have anger management issuesThe 4 stages of awareness in learning to deal with anger issues. If you're reading this, you're probably in one of the first two stagesWhy being angry and easily triggered all the time is harmful to your mental health8 surefire ways to lengthen your short fuse that works like gangbustersHow to release your anger and vent without hurting the people you love or destroying relationshipsThe step-by-step method to let go of painful grudges and restore your peace of mind...and tons more!Even if you've tried to get your anger under control in the past without much success, this guide is filled with deep insights on managing your