Off The Beaten Path

22 science fiction and fantasy stories, including two new, never-before published pieces, from the award-winning Argentinian author Gustavo Bondoni.Set in corners of the world oft forgotten, these stories will take you from the Namib desert, to the Amazon rainforest, to the far side of the moon.When you dare step Off the Beaten Path, the results could be catastrophic, but the possible rewards are great.Can a small band of of scientists use robotics to save the the last of an endangered New Zealand parrot from a genetically engineered menace?A student journalist desperately tries to save the world from a malevolent spirit using a recording of a dying old woman's last words.A firefighter at Chernobyl finds comfort from an unexpected source.Can an ageing musician calm the vengeful ghost of his old friend?Were fairies responsible for humanity's oldest story?Some of these stories will shock you with a horrifying twist; others will tug at your heartstrings with their emotional resonance. But all will intrigue and move you.