Geraldina & The Compass Rose

One woman’s story of refusing to lose faith or settle for the wrong kind of love…and what a secret sorrow taught her.Geraldine Brown Giomblanco’s unusually strong intuition is propelling her up the ranks in fashion, retail, and marketing, and she’s matching up girlfriends one by one with the guys they will marry.She’s smart, attractive, loving, and grounded in faith. So, why is she still single? In this dazzling memoir, Brown Giomblanco brings to life the devotion to God she learns from her beloved grandma Rosaria and lessons she gains from a gigolo, a psychic, guardian angels and saints, a Us president, and a string of unsuitable boyfriends. From the Garment District to Venice to a yacht off sun-splashed Montauk, she hangs on to hope as she searches for her own Mr. Right.Then, the incredible happens, and it utterly changes her life.Can spirits of the departed really speak to us on Earth?Geraldina and the Compass Rose is an uplifting and empowering story about faith and maintaining hope, because prayers do get answered and miraculous things do happen to ordinary people.