The Unofficial Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Location Guide

Learn about Newt's New York City!  A travel/reference guide to the locations where the wizards, No-Majs and beasts in the hit movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would have had their adventures in 1920s New York City. This guide explains how these sites are connected to the film and gives historical information about each of the sites. And if you are in New York City, this guide will help you visit these locations, with suggested itineraries, zoomable maps, subway directions and hyperlinks.A great gift for any fan of Fantastic Beasts, or anyone interested in New York City history regarding these locations, regardless of whether they ever intend to visit New York.For each New York City location in the book, the reader is given a description of the setting from the movie connected with the site, an address, map and subway directions for getting to the site, opening hours (where relevant), a description of which wizards, No-Majs or beasts from the film were at the site, and a brief history of the site. It also includes information on other Harry Potter related locations in the city (that have no relation to the movie).The book includes locations that were featured in the movie, locations that inspired specific locations in the movie and locations that inspired the general look and feel of 1920s New York City that the movie tried to recreate.Finally, the book includes several suggested itineraries to help the reader plan their travels, depending upon how much time they have and/or what their particular interests are.The book includes photographs and other images and includes a hyperlinked table of contents and hyperlinks to the websites of several of the locations included in the book to make the information easier to use and to make this book a useful reference guide for someone wanting to travel to the sites or wanting to learn more about the history of these locations. This book should be useful both to out-of-town tourists visiting New Y